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Having fascias, soffits, gutters and downpipes in a good state of repair is essential to protect your home from the elements. Exterior Eco Solutions Ltd fit a range of high quality, low maintenance uPVC products that offer maximum weather protection.

All the uPVC we fit benefits from a colour fastener for a long lasting fade free product.

uPVC Products

We can supply the following products, separately or together as a complete overhaul of your home's roofline protection.

uPVC Bargeboards Maintenance Free


Bargeboards protect the roof timbers from the elements and enhances the overall appearance of your home.

We can install Roofline uPVC bargeboards to give you a virtually maintenance free rooflining.

uPVC Fascias Long Lasting


Fascias cover and protect the rafter ends of your roof. They are traditionally made of wood that requires regular painting and maintenance.

We can replace your weatherworn fascias with long lasting uPVC, which is durable and virtually maintenance free.

uPVC Guttering Fade Free Colourfast


Protect your home with high quality, long lasting, virtually maintenance free uPVC guttering fitted by Exterior Eco Solutions Ltd.

Ensure rainwater that falls on your roof is collected and safely channelled away from your home.

uPVC Soffits Colour Coordinated


Soffits keep the underside surface of the overhang of your roof protected from weather damage.

We can replace your existing soffits with colour coordinated uPVC which is colourfast, long lasting and virtually maintenance free.

uPVC Downpipes High Quality


Good quality, functional downpipes are essential in order to protect your home's foundations by channelling water away.

We can fit durable uPVC downpipes that are colourfast and virtually maintenance free.

All of our uPVC products are available in a range of colourfast fade free colours designed to complement your home.

Winter Installation

Note, if you have leaking gutters or damaged fascias, soffits or bargeboards that are causing damp, water ingress or other issues, there's no need to wait for good weather to get them fixed.

We offer installation all year round and can help to protect your home quickly, rather than putting it off and thus allowing further damage to be done.

Our Approach

When asked to look at your roofline, we will always assess and advise on the best option for you to ensure optimum weather protection and thermal insulation of home.

To ensure longevity and prevent hidden issues, any rotten timber will be repaired or replaced. Where existing timber is healthy, it can be cladded and will remain protected for years to come.

Deep Flow Guttering

In high rainfall areas like the Fylde Coast we recommend and usually fit extra depth (deep flow) guttering. The guttering we use is the only one in the UK with colour fastener to ensure it remains fade free.

If you're sharing a downpipe with a neighbouring property, we will always supply proper joins from our deep flow guttering to any other styling.

Additionally, our black and all other colour gutters have a white interior (out of sight) to reflect the sun, rather than absorb its heat. This reduces natural expansion and contraction, thus preventing leaky gutter joints.

Read more about our approach on our about page.


For more examples of our fascias, soffits & guttering, please take a look at our gallery page. References from previous customers are also available on our testimonials page.

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