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If you have damaged stone or brickwork, Exterior Eco Solutions Ltd can assist with repairs and repointing, along with treating them to prevent it recurring.

Damage to pointing and bricks is caused by the ingress of water which freezes in the winter, cracking the pointing and shaling the bricks.

Once moisture can get through pointing or brickwork, it can often cause damp on the inside of the building. This can be particularly bad with cavity wall insulation, where moisture uses the insulation material as a bridge to cross the cavity.

We can grind out existing pointing with an angle grinder and either repoint where necessary or repoint an entire wall or home.

Any blown or shaled (frost damaged) bricks will be replaced and dye can be added to the pointing to blend it in or decoratively for a whole wall.

Clear Wall Coatings

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To stop the future effects of the wind and rain damaging the brickwork and pointing and to eliminate damp through water ingress, we apply ProPERLA® masonry cream, a clear exterior wall coating.

This forms a breathable, waterproof, invisible insulation barrier that reduces heat loss and your energy bills, keeping the weather out and the warmth in.

The coating is guaranteed for 10 years and offers up to 25 years protection for your home.

All the exterior wall coatings we provide are verified by the Energy Saving Trust.

The Benefits

  • Keeps walls dry: Reducing heat loss and lowering energy bills
  • Super hydrophobic: Rainwater simply runs off
  • Breathable: Allows existing trapped moisture to escape
  • Self cleaning: Dirt is easily washed away by rainfall
  • Inhibits growth: Moss, algae and lichen struggle to establish
  • Dries clear: Walls look the same after application
  • Protects: Helps prevent frost damage
  • Long lasting: Guaranteed for 10 years, up to 25 years protection
Diagram - ProPERLA breathable, hydrophobic coating

Stonework Repair

Sandstone mullions and lintels can dramatically improve the look of your home, but can become weathered and cracked over time with the effects of wind and rain.

We can repair them and again, protect them from further damage with our ProPERLA® coloured or clear waterproof exterior wall coatings.

Our Approach

At Exterior Eco Solutions Ltd, we believe in quality long lasting solutions that benefit you and the environment in the long run, hence why we recommend using a wall coating on any repaired masonry.

ProPERLA® is waterproof, but breathable. This means that it allows existing trapped moisture out of the cavity, but prevents new moisture from entering it, thus the walls become completely dry over time.

When this happens, the thermal conductivity of the walls is dramatically reduced, meaning heat is retained in the house and thus your heating bills and energy usage come down.

Tests have demonstrated that when applied to clay bricks, it can slow down thermal heat loss by as much as 75%. Great for the environment and your pocket too.

Read more about our approach on our about page.


For more examples of our brickwork repointing, please take a look at our gallery page. References from previous customers are also available on our testimonials page.

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